The Measure of Beauty

A General Outlook


In every group of more than two people, large differences in the way they see things can often be found. When it comes to beauty, there are some defined standards. Symmetry of the face and body are often part of a general outlook of measuring how beautiful a person is, and agreement can often be reached by large numbers of viewers. Models and actors have long been thrust into this type of category, and their success or failure can often be foretold. Once the symmetry of a person has been established, individual traits are then the subject of discussion.

Eye colour is often a feature that fascinates people, yet most of the world's population has brown eyes. Looking at those with blue, green, or hazel eyes can provide some insight. These eye colours are very limited within the general population, so they are often seen as a mark of beauty because they are special. There have been times when the opposite has been true because the eye colour clashes with the rest of the person's physical attributes, but today they are often considered interesting instead of ugly or frightening.

Hair has long been something people judge, so those with a healthy head of it have often been seen as beautiful even when their other features are not regular. Curly or straight, long or short, hair can make a huge impression in the beauty department. It must be clean and trimmed, but even wind-tossed hair can be deemed beautiful when paired with the right face.

Skin has often been a feature people find beautiful, but not all those looked upon will be lucky enough to have a peaches and cream complexion without any flaws. Skin can be enhanced with cosmetics, but true beauty must shine through for its admirers by hiding the flaws while creating a look of shining perfection.