The Measure of Beauty

A Look at Eyes


Windows of the soul are often how eyes are described. Many cultures place great value on a person looking others in the eye, but some believe not looking directly at a person shows respect. A look at the eyes of any person will at least show their colour. Some people focus on the shape of the eye within the face, and others concentrate on the lashes or lack of them. All of these factors can contribute to the beauty of a person, yet knowing a person can use their eyes to see may be the most beautiful part.

The vast majority of people in the world have brown eyes. It would seem that most of the comments about beautiful eyes would concentrate on this colour, yet blue, green, and even grey or hazel eyes seem to garner the most compliments. This is probably due to the fact there are far fewer people with those colour eyes, so they are a welcome relief from what is most common in the world.

Shape has long been part of what people look at when viewing another person’s face. Many people seem to have larger eyes because they are rounded and open wide. Others may look like their eyes are tinier because they are slanted at the corners. Any of these factors may add or subtract beauty from the overall look of a person, but it is a subjective measure.

The length and thickness of eye lashes is often a measurement used to define beautiful eyes. Many might believe it is unfair when a man has a generous helping of length and thickness while a young woman has sparse and short lashes. These observations may be cultural, but they can affect the overall impression of a beautiful set of eyes. While that may be important to some people, the knowledge those eyes can look back at them might be the most beautiful concept of all.