The Measure of Beauty

Creating a Beautiful Person


There are many ways to define beauty, and the hunt for it has often been recorded in the annals of cultural history. For those still seeking it, creating a beautiful person overall has now become a goal. They want physical beauty on the outside, but they also crave it on the inside. The measure has been expanded to include how nice, mannered, and even how generous a person is within their own society. For these measurements to be realistic, only the agreement of many can make them worthy of pursuit.

Physical beauty today has become easier through the use of cosmetics and surgical remedies, so it matters little to many what a person's physical visage presents to the world. Inside beauty is a different matter, and its measurements have come into focus of late. Those seeking it have a long tradition, but it is often told that those without inner beauty are the ones who win the most.

The world often chooses those without morals or values that are commonly held as a measure of inner beauty in many societies to be their leaders, and these are the people who are allotted success without the qualities said to be admired. They often let their personal greed overwhelm the common good, but it is ignored when they are successful. Those who exhibit inner beauty without physical enchantment are often the losers in the game of life.

While this oppositional view of the world still holds today, things are changing. People are beginning to realize that being nice or kind is a more important attribute than successful greed. They have started to look towards those who have honed their inner beauty as someone they would rather have lead, and it is a hopeful sign that it is the most lasting beauty humans will come to choose in the future.